How To Cheat On Your Homework – 5 Must-Know Tricks

Teachers in many institutions always give their students extra work to be done outside class so as to reinforce understanding of concepts taught in class. More often than not students always find themselves caught up with time in doing the assignments to completeness before submission. This has always prompted students to cheat in assignments, doing it successfully while others unsuccessfully. Below are Five a must know tricks in cheating on assignment.

Obtaining answers from friend

This is the easiest and quickest way to cheat. The answers are copied from a friend who knows The best way to do it safely is to copy from someone who did the assignment correctly. First, you have to make friends with the smartest students in class who always do assignments correctly and in good time. Copying of the assignments has to be done in the bus on the way home, or on the way to school.

Work in groups

The easiest way to do the assignment fast and easy is through a group. Contributions made by everyone in a group ensures everyone gets the right answer and the assignment gets done quickly. This is not done in class rather it is done in the safety of someone’s home or in the bus on the way home. Do not make the group so big so as limit the number of classmates having answers framed in the same way. To have the homework go faster, it is advisable to split the assignment into sections and distribute the sections to different group members.

Changing the wording in the answers

It is recommended to change the wording in the answers if the answers are copied from a friend’s work. This can be done by use of synonyms or changing sentence structures. Also try to copy from someone who your teacher does not think you are friends. This is done to avoid raising any suspicion.

Get answers on the internet

Internet is a good source of information that can provide answers to almost every assignment that students are given. Solutions to assignments that have been given repeatedly can easily be found in the internet. The information in the internet is detailed and requires some time to filter out irrelevant information and only present the relevant information as answers.

Include some wrong answers in the assignment

It can seem kind of conspicuous if you submit all correct answers yet you are not a great student. One has to be smart about it and include some wrong answers. This will lower the suspicion of the teacher and chances of on getting away with it are high.

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