4 Techniques That Can Help You Handle Art Homework

Art homework can be a bit tricky, mainly because it is such a practical subject and you generally work within an art studio. But art homework can also involve theoretical work, so these 4 techniques are divided into:

  • techniques for practical work,
  • techniques for theoretical work.

Techniques to handle practical art homework.

  1. Find possibilities :
  2. You may see an opportunity that will allow you to sketch parts of objects that you will need to use as part of a larger project. Carry a small art-pad and pencils (and you cell phone) with you wherever you go, as you never know where you may find inspiration.

    When you get home you can either print the photograph (or take the page out of your art-pad) and add it to your work book or you can enhance your sketch. This work could either be part of the work that you need to produce or it could be part of the planning that you needed to do as part a larger project.

  3. Working in the studio:
  4. If you have practical work to complete you may decide to do the planning at home and then ask your tutor if you are able to use the art studio at times when it is not in use class or you may be allowed to use a small area of the studio when a class is taking place.

    If you need to complete practical art work at home, you need to make sure that you have a dedicated space that you can use that will not interfere with the rest of the family or get damaged. Ideally you will need either a shed or basement to work in. be aware of the impact of any chemicals that you may use.

Techniques to handle theoretical art homework.

  1. Use the library.
  2. Your school or college library will have many reference books that will give you access to art history, theories as well as good photographs of art work. These books will be part of a collection that supports the course that you are studying. If you cannot find what you are looking for talk to the librarian.

    You can also use other libraries. If you have a museum close by, again talk to the librarian as they may be able to access books, articles or even artifacts that may not be available locally but they can apply to have them sent to your local library for you to view.

  3. Online.
  4. The internet is a huge resource. Not only can you view photographs of art work, as well as access ideas on new techniques and ideas, you can also get examples of papers and articles through help sites and Academic Writing sites. These can be invaluable.

    Something that is quite new and not yet available everywhere is a website that can take you on a walking tour within an art gallery. It is good but not as good as being there yourself. It’s a way of experiencing some great art at any time of day, whenever you are working.

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